What's your theme for 2012?

I'm into marking time. Living life consciously with clear intention. Some would argue I live a little too consciously. Stop thinking so much and just see what happens, they nudge. Putting aside time for reflection on what has passed and what's to come feels like an important ritual. I find myself in Red Hill for the final week of 2011 with my man, Ford. An unexpected peaceful ending to a turbulent year. I sit down to start writing and reflecting on 2011, surrounded by windows looking out into nature, a splash of colour catches my eye. Through the window I see bright orange flowers illuminated by the fleeting glow of sunset. I follow my urge and find a collection of divine flowers that I hadn't properly noticed, despite being here for days.

As I return to my page to reflect, project, dream and write, I am reminded to keep my eyes open in 2012 for unexpected, hidden treasures that may appear transiently and peripherally and are worth going off piste to explore. And so, as I continue with this new year's reflection I am reminded to hold onto plans lightly and allow for life to surprise and take me on tangents that could lead me to new and wondrous places.

I was inspired by Chris Guillebeau's annual review where he shared his way of reflecting and projecting around the new year. If you don't know his blog, you should. The guy set a goal to travel to every country in the world and he is well on his way with fantastic insights to share. I digress. He poses two helpful questions to reflect on:

What went well in 2011?
What did not go well in 2011?

He also comes up with a theme for the new year, which I thought was fun. So here are my reflections and theme. I hope they inspire you to take the questions and reflect on your own year.

What went well in 2011?
  • I fulfilled my 2010 goal of embracing yoga by starting my teacher training
  • I decided to sit my final psychiatry exams despite my resistance and passed them
  • I decided to embrace technology despite my resistance and have become social media literate (and overenthusiastic)
  • I took up a social experiment by signing up to twitter and am now completely converted, having seen the new landscapes it has opened up for me in meeting new people and finding new ideas that are floating around the global internet stratosphere
  • I had the courage to leave a relationship that didn't feel right
  • I learned more about myself than I have in the past many years through the gut wrenching tsunami of a relationship breakup
  • I had the courage to give that relationship a second chance and apply my learning in reuniting with my man
  • I faced deep loneliness and realized it doesn't kill you
  • I facilitated meditation classes at Simply Silence
  • I continued writing this blog (albeit a little sporadically)
  • Hosted a random lunch gathering with new people through eatwithme
  • I went to some amazing conferences, Trampoline Day,Gathering '11, Creative innovation conference , TedxWomen, blogging conference, learned alot and met great people (@davidahood, @rosshill, @lukegrange, @linaMbirkou
  • My short film Just Be Frank got a mention in the NYTimes and was screened at five film festivals in the USA.
  • I started drinking Green Juices, learned about nutrition and managed to sustain 6kg of weight loss
  • I stayed committed to therapy
  • I found a great personal coach (Kate James) to support me on the path
What did not go well in 2011?
  • I found it hard to manage time and stay connected with the wonderful people in my life.
  • I disappointed a few friends (but repaired and have a stronger friendship for it)
  • I failed an exam and had to continue studying all year despite my internal tantruming and deep desire to move on to more creative endeavors
  • I still can't say that I LOVE my job (although I love lots of things outside of my job and seriously how could you love a job that requires 24hr shifts and deals with people that are being treated against their will by the mental health act legislation! It's a long means to a hopeful ends...where I get to practice psychiatry in a wholistic way with meditation, minimal drugs, tibetan chimes, incense, Rumi and Yoga)
  • Didn't pick up my guitar again despite my desires
  • My meditation-creativity workshop got postponed in the face of too much study
  • Didn't read as many fiction books as I'd hoped to read (although did read some inspiring non-fiction! Uncertainty, Making ideas happen etc)
  • Didn't have as many random dinner parties as I would have liked.
  • Didn't set up a regular women's meditation circle.

Someone once told me that it's best not to talk about your goals until they are in action. So I'll keep my 2012 goals to myself for now but leave you with my theme:

" 2012: The year of creativity and execution "

#Hint: It's going to involve music, travel, photography, meditation, fundraising, writing, taking risks and attempting to fail more than usual...

" Success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm"
~ Winston Churchhill

What went well and not so well for you in 2011? I'd love to hear...

What's your theme for 2012?

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