The World Domination Summit. Portland.

I’ve been telling friends in Melbourne that I’m going to the World Domination Summit. 
The what?
Yes, you heard right, the World Domination Summit. 

One thousand digital and aspiring entrepreneurs are descending on Portland as I write, for a 3 day inspiration and education fest about all things “lifestyle design” (a.k.a creating a life of success on your own terms).
The conference is the brainchild of Chris Guillebeau, an inspiring writer and entrepreneur who made it his mission to travel to every country on earth. He shares his wisdom of travelling on the cheap at his successful blog, The Art of Non-Conformity and earns a living through sharing his experience. His book, the $100 startup, is a collection of stories and insightful, specific pointers to guide you along the way to creating an online business that thrives. 
His words and message are compelling. It’s what has spurred me to fly from Australia to meet other people who are dedicated to living with passion and working out how to keep paying the bills.
Finding a community of people who share similar values is essential to moving towards your ultimate purpose and aspirations. 
I’ve already crossed paths digitally with many of the members of this unconventional convention. I’ve been closely following Danielle Laporte, Susannah Conway, Jonthan Fields, Derek Halpern, Scott Belsky, to name a few. 
Other people I have stumbled across who I’m excited to meet in real life are Farnoosh Brock, Jodi Ettenberg, Dusti Arab, Benny Lewis, Kyeli Smith to name a few. One creative WDSter is trying to keep track of all the friendships formed that started on twitter. He has requested that when you meet someone for the first time who you’ve been communicating with through twitter you take a picture and then label it #hashtagtohandshake. Brilliant. 
Over the past two years of diving deep into social media (twitter predominantly), my Idea Landscape has opened up beyond my imaginings. 
I’m looking forward to an infusion of inspiration from some of the worlds leading digital edge-dwellers. This city is teeming with overenthusiastic World Domination Summit attendees and I can’t wait to meet my first one! 
I look forward to sharing my WDS insights here.