Brain Poetry

Studying the brain hasn't been this much fun in a while...


Splashing in the pool, floaties squeezing me too tight.

Pockets of memory, time and stories 

buzzing in

my hippocampus, amygadala, entorhinal cortex.

Mammilary bodies gyrating with excitement.

A fight in Venice beach, a bracelet I was refused by father.

A bracelet…Venice Beach…mini bits of the world delivered to me from the temporal lobes of my being.

My excitable Limbic centre, the grand circuit of Papez.

Without you my life would be so forgettable.




Writing a poem,

Saying yes when I feel like no,

Withholding a punch,

Resolving a fight

Meeting for coffee

Am I feeling okay?

Let’s play a game


Black or White?

I’m going to succeed

I think you like me

I’m happy now.

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