Trust and creativity are soul mates...

Trust and creativity are soul mates.

I am always seeking ways to expand my creativity and trust myself more. So I decided to start working with a coach to learn how to tune in more finely to my intuition and take steps that allow me to open more to new possibilities, rather than be restricted by the straightjacket of certainty and security.

I have been "prescribed" a daily activity of dancing by myself to a random song. This is an experiment which will  supposedly enhance my capacity to feel and listen to where movement is compelling me to go.

The instructions are simple. Pick a random song off your iPod. Start by lying on the floor and become aware of any urge to move. If you feel no urge there is no need to force it. However, allow your body to follow any movement that arises.

At first I felt a little self conscious (which was a strange feeling as there was no one there but me). However, within a few moments my body just wanted to move. First, there were the predictable, familiar moves. The curvy, salsa-esque moves that I have been trained to do. But it became increasingly more interesting as the self consciousness subsided.

There was a natural flow from one move to the next as "I" (the thinking "I") allowed my body to lead. There was no analysing or planning required. A complete liberation from my habitual way of being.

When the mind and body move in different directions which one do you trust? What happens when you allow yourself to play more and trust the way your body wants you to go?

I'm looking forward to bringing some of these new moves into my everyday life. Less choreography, more improvisation.


  1. Reading this post has given me permission to move to the music I play while working! Thank you!

  2. Randomly came across your blog on New Years Day and just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying reading your posts. Thinking you were on the other side of the world turns out your a Melbournian too!

    ...having done some form of dance most of my life, I'm now trying to find less structured-class orientated-concerts-costumes and move into a more expressive/fulfilling/interesting style (Thinking about giving this a go in the new year (

    I'm going to give your random song a day a go!

    You might find this inspiring - (