Like a home cooked meal..

Since 1981, the Tofu shop has been making it's own tofu and transforming it into creative dishes, both savory and sweet. A simple cafe with counter seating, a few outside tables and soft background reggae music, the focus here is on fresh, healthy food that nurtures the soul as well as the body. It is the only cafe I would forgive for using the dreaded bain-marie because of the absolute quality of the food. There are at least five different dishes available hourly usually including a tofu dish, lentils, pumpkin or eggplant. Spices such as cardamom, cumin and ginger abound. Also on offer are felafels, samosas and delicious wraps. They occasionally run cooking classes whereby they share some of their spice secrets.

For dessert try the array of curious tofu sweet slices including date and apple or mango and coconut. The rosewater or green tea tofu icecream is my personal sweet favourite. The prices aren't super cheap but for sixteen dollars you get a very generous bowl of goodness which leaves you feeling grateful and nourished. The bustling turn around means that every few hours the meals are different, particularly fortunate for those of us who visit twice in a day! If you live in Melbourne and haven't discovered this little gem, you will be delighted.

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